• Multidisciplinary meetings
  • Patient based research, knowledge production and publications
  • Publication -in peer-reviewed reputed national and international journals;
    -policy papers.
  • Providing quality surgical service at low cost for communities in need
  • Dissemination of epidemiological, clinical, experimental and social researched knowledge
  • Mentoring
  • Organization and archiving of X-rays, MRI, CT scans, images etc
  • Patient Database formation
  • Leveraging technology for furthering CRICS goals.
  • Organization and execution of training and capacity-building through courses, live workshops, seminars, symposiums and conferences.
  • Promotion of new relevant disciplines for child welfare.
  • Collaborative research, teaching and training with reputed national and global partners and knowledge centres.
  • Establishment of service facilities.
  • Promote Outreach programs to cater to under-served populations and areas.