To celebrate World Birth Defect Day Dr. Matin “AMRAH” Community Hospital along with Chittagong Research Institute for Children Surgery (CRICS) and Healthy Bangladesh had organized a Free Child Surgical Service on 1st March 2019. It was held in Dr. Matin “AMRAH” Community Hospital. The Community Hospital is a low cost non-profit non-government hospital, situated in Barkal, Chandanaish. The hospital has 35 beds. Doctors, intern doctors and medical students participated voluntarily in the surgical service. The free surgical service served as a platform for specialist doctors to serve patients in rural area. It also served as an educational training for intern doctors and medical students. They were trained to do safe circumcision. Alongside documentation was done for research purpose.

Around 200 patients were facilitated by this service. Among them 62 patients needed operative treatment and others were given conservative treatment. Circumcision was done on 36 patients. Other operative procedures included Herniotomy (Hernia), Sclerotheraphy, Excision, Release of Tongue Tie, EUA (Examination under anaesthesia), Colostomy (Anorectal Malformation, Hirschsprungs’Disease), Orthoplasty, Urethroplasty & Glanduloplasty (Hypospadias), Repair (Urogenital Sinus) etc.