Social Determinants of Health: Interactive Research Workshop for Young Doctors

PPRC and CRICS with support from Healthy Bangladesh and CMCSU had organized a 3-day interactive research workshop on social research for young doctors on 1st to 3rd November 2018 at New Conference Hall, New Building, Chittagong Medical College. 50 participants attended the workshop. The faculty of the workshop were –

•Hossain Zillur Rahman,
Executive Chairman, PPRC and
Conener, Healthy Bangladesh

• Professor Dr. Tahmina Banu,
Director, CRICS

• Professor Abdul Quddus,
Department of Public Policy & Governance,
International Islamic University, Malaysia

• Professor S.A. Hamid
Director, Institute of Health Economics,
Dhaka University

• Md. Alamgir Hossen,
Deputy Director, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS)

After the lectures from the faculty the participants were asked to be divided into 10 groups of 5. Each group was asked to think of a research topic for Day 2. After discussion of Topic, Reference population, Sample, Variable, Tools, and Recording etc with the faculty the groups choose a research topic.

The groups conducted their fieldwork and analysis on the 2nd day and prepared a draft presentation of their research.

On the 3rd day of the workshop, the participants presented their report made from the previous day’s data collection and analysis.

After each presentation there was questions answer, where the faculty gave review about the of the presentation.

Activities of Day 1

Activities of Day 3